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Woh, so I have been off this LiveJournal scene for like ages! College has started up again and everything. Ok so .. friends Romans countrymen and all that I'm back and you know going to try and keep up with this a bit more. Urm anything happened?
Well let's see I think my boobs have gotten bigger, that or I've just gotten rounder. I checked the scale in a panic last night, it still read 114 so I was happy and treated myself to a California roll and some pork fried rice .. yum!
Ok so I am going to be mad late for a class if I don't run right now, I hope I look ok. My skirt is a little short and wouldn't you know I have to climb up theater-style steps to get to the top of the amplitheater where my huge math class is held. I think I'll change panties so if a guy happens to look up he'll see that I'm wearing cute ones. I'm glad I shaved my hooch last night so the view will be oh-so delicious. I' a deviant I swear. I tried to get Damien to give me oral on the rim of the fountain near the library three days ago, he was all .. nooooo! So I was like ok, how about a finger session? I was seriously horny that day. He finally just started kissing me and put his hand up my shirt and got me off with nipple play. I guess he can only fuck my brains out in private.
Ok laters
Hugs to all

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Ok, so I’m way overdue for like a post or whatever it’s just that finals and what not have seriously kept me busy and then packing up and moving back home and what not. Phew!
Ok, so it’s really weird to be home and what not, but I’m super glad to be with my sister again, I really missed her being up at school. I mean Eyren and theii are my best friends but well they will never be my Sahti. Anyhow the first two nights I was home me and Sahti stayed up insanely late just talking and eating ourselves in to chocolate comas, then shopping all day, well really not shopping as we tried on more things then we actually bought, (to the relief of our parents.)
Ok so yesterday was like a nice calm day for me. I slept in till eleven, then went over to see Eyren for a bit, I took her out of her house as her parents are driving her crazy and well Eric is apparently driving her crazy. On the drive we started talking about well the equipment of males and she mentioned that Eric said he was uncircumcised. Weird, I told her that Damien was circumcised and what not. She got all irate about it and everything, like I’d personally put Damien beneath the knife and told the doctor to chop, chop it off! I just rolled my eyes, but she didn’t notice, she’s seriously insane over this guy and I don’t think it’s healthy.
Anyhow we went and saw BabyMama and it was an ok movie but like it was disgustingly predictable. Eyren and I spent a large portion of the movie just whispering insults about the movie till some guy with his girl turned around and gave us the evil eye. Eyren didn’t notice but I was in a pissy mood cause of that evil eye and to show him what’s what I lifted my tank and flashed my Victoria Secret catalog number 34 at him.
Oh man the look on his face was priceless and I just stuck my tongue out at him, then went back to whispering the whole thing to Eyren. After the movie we went back to my house and laid out on lawn chairs, sort of sleeping/talking some more, both of us wishing that Theii wasn’t spending 3 weeks in Ireland with some of her extended family I remember looking over once and Eyren had fallen full asleep, but she looked so cute then, she had this super sweet smile on her face, and her knees were drawn up to her chest in this little kid way. Seriously if guys could be a little less shallow and get past the one “flaw” mam, cause Eyren is seriously a cute girl. Eric is one lucky, eccentric bastard is all I’ll say and he’d better not hurt her.
Now then on to Damien and I. Damien is in New Jersey for a few weeks also to see family so that means, no boyfriend, no sex and a short temper for me. I hate it when he’s away and what not. But he says that in July the two of us are going up to meet his family, well his mother anyhow as his dad lives in Manhattan and is like this super busy investment banker. Damn, I had no idea Damien came from that much money. But whatever, now I’m going to give him a midnight wake up call hee hee. He loves me so he’ll not be all yelly … I hope.

Hugs to all

That’s just a kick ass word thxbai!

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Yesterday Theii and Eyren and I all hung out together. We all chipped in and bought a suite at this not to fancy hotel, and had a girls day. We just lay all stretched out on this massive queen sized bed with double-fudge-brownie ice cream, and talked about our life.
Eyren talked about Eric, he’s all she can think about lately, and I’m happy for her I guess. I wanted to talk about Damien and how we slept together. We didn’t have sex we just slept together and it was beautiful and more intimate, just like Eyren said. I wonder how she can know that when she’s never had sex, much less slept with anyone.
She said she’d let Eric have her virginity, and she asked me if it hurt the first time. I thought about lying to her, telling her that it hadn’t felt like someone had taken a nail gun to my vagina, but well it was, so I told her that it had hurt for me.
I told her that I cried the first time it hurt so much, but Damien was nice and understood how it had hurt, and he knew that I was a virgin then, that the rumors had been fake. You can’t be in that much pain and bleed that much without being a virgin.
Theii has had sex before, but she won’t talk about it because, the guy was 24 and she was 17 and she still thinks he could get in trouble. She’s funny like that.
Then we did each others nails. Purple for Eyren, silver for Theii, and sparkly pink for me. Then Eyren and I went to Publix to get fried chicken, while Theii went and got the Chinese food. The rest of the day we watched Theii’s season 3 Dvd set of Buffy, because we all three agree that was the best season, then we fell asleep with Mandi and that cute-nerdish guy from Criminal Minds, even though Theii has the hots for the black guy. She says if her parents weren’t so tight minded she’d date a black guy. I thought about Theii’s creamy skin and glossy read hair mixing with some dark chocolate, and I thought about how beautiful that would be.
Eric is white and Eyren is black, I didn’t have the heart to tell her he looked evil, his eyes were the eyes of some of the serial killers seen on Criminal Minds. His mustache didn’t help make him look any less scary, he looks like he’d kill to keep her with him, That worries me, but she’s in love, really in love and I don’t want to ruin it for her.
I made her promise that she’d bring either Theii or me along when she firsts meets him, she said yes, she would. I wonder how freaked her parents will be when she brings him home, assuming they make it that long.
Anyhow, there’s a test that I need to study for. Writing in this Lj was just a distraction from the inevitable. Damian brought me 6 chocolate cupcakes cause he knows it’s my time of the month and I love those chocolate cupcakes from Publix. I have the best boyfriend ever.

Hugs to all

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Ok, yes it has been a lifetime since I last posted, but I’ve just been super busy with school and Damien and my friends and what not. But I’m going to get back in to the swing of things and all that. Ok so nothing of real importance has taken place in my life in the three weeks since I last posted. Eyren, is in love again. Head over the moon in love and it’s so cute. Her problem is that she is super jealous, yes I know she’s probably rolling her eyes as she reads this but she knows I’m right. This girl must be the center of her guys universe, if she even catches a hint that her guy might be on to another girl .. watch out. She’s sneaky like that trust me. No, Eyren, this is by no means me encouraging you to do anything cause … anyhow.
Now then Damien and I went camping last weekend. It was a good weekend to do it as welll and it was fun spending all that time with him as we don’t often get to spend more than a night with each other what with school and all that. He taught me how to fish, I only caught two. But he skinned them and we cooked them over a fire. I felt all caveman-ish and it was gross so I couldn’t watch him filleting the thing but it did taste pretty good.
Ok a sucky first-ish post after being like A-wall for so long but Aquateen Hunger Force is on right now and well I just want to watch it cuz it’s raining and super crappy outside and Damien is out of town helping his parents move in to a new place. I miss him and plan to fuck the hell out of him when he gets back.
God my body is like having these phantom memories of him touching me and what not. It’s worse when I talk to him on the phone. I almost was tempted to break the clean hand vow I made with Theii and Eyren and just touch myself, but I fought the urge. I hope you girls know how hard that was for me. >.>

Hugs to all

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So I was almost late from my mass-com class cause why? Well because I am vain. I totally care too much about how I look all the time when seriously I should only care about what Damien thinks about me and our campus is so huge and our schedules are well different there’s like no way we’d like run in to each other like in the science building or something. But gah I took a shower that was way too long, then I had to blow dry my yards of wavy Indian hair which I’ve thought chopping off a million times but Damien says he loves it, and I love it when he runs his hands through it when we’re just cuddling and stuff. Oh and he brushes it every night and pretends to be Rhett Butler and I’m scarlet and I pretend that I don’t want to make out with him afterwords so he can say “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
Oh then I had to find an outfit. It was sunny when I hopped on to my roommates bed to look outside so I was thinking halter, but I didn’t have a strapless bra and I hate having my boobs rubbing against material all day and I have huge nipples that get excited when it’s cold and they keep the air conditioning freezing in those buildings. So another 15 minutes was spent looking for a shirt that I had John and Shavo from System of a Down sign two years ago. The shirt that gives me porn star boobs cause it pulls tight across and molds to my stomach. Very skanky, but I wore conservative jeans to make up for it and I wore bikini cut panties as opposed to a thong. I opted for flip-flops and I almost forgot my room key, and then I had to stop to answer a txt message from Damien and well anyhow …
Well all in class I was thinking about the post I put up yesterday and how prudey and uptight Theii and Eyren were being about it. They always get prudey when I try to tell them about it. But Eyren was being all depressed lovesicky anyhow and I wanted to kick her for being this way about someone she can’t have and I’m thinking how long is she going to stay moping about him but miles and a gas free car wouldn’t let me do this so I had to get impatient with her and tell her the facts. Namely she can’t be with the guy so she should just get over it, but whatever. Look I think that me writing much less remembering that night just proves how good no … fantastic it was and afterwords he still brushed my hair.
Anyway there’s like 20 pages in a textbook that I haven’t read yet but I don’t feel like reading them ever cause I want to be back at Damien’s apartment eating ribs in bed and not caring about how good I look tearing in to a rack wearing one of his shirts that fall to my knees and swallow me up in the way he smells and he’s watching me and smiling cause he says he likes a girl with a healthy appetite and he’s got a bone sticking out of the corner of his mouth and he hasn’t shaved yet so there’s this dark stubble on his chin and he smells like barbecue sauce, and he smells like me and I smell like him and I was happy. All Sundays should be made to be like this. Eating ribs in bed with your boyfriend after good sex.

Hugs to all

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Eeks and yay! Ok so I’m back up late but whatevs. I got to spend a few hours with Theii today between her busy schedule and what not. It was cool though we both missed Eyren. Going to separate schools really sucks sometimes but we’re all going to get together this weekend yay! Besides thanks to msn and Aim staying in touch isn’t all that hard. So Eyren was all shooting off again about how she and this guy made up or whatever. I swear those two need to hurry up and just well say they love each other or something though they have a fight about something stupid every freakin week, I swear then Eyren is all panicky about him not liking her and blah, blah blah.
I’m only ranting cause I love ya girl really and this like tag and retreat game is not working for either of you, settle down and trust each other already. My next project is to get Theii back in to the dating pool. That girl is seriously too pretty to stay moping over one guy. Yes Theii I called you pretty cause you totally are. *whispers* Guys you’ve got a sexy redhead, with the prettiest green eyes you’ll ever get the chance to look in to and a nice rack to boot. Haha I’m just imagining how deep Theii’s frown lines are going to be after she reads that but it’s true she’s your stereotypical curvey redhead, and the only thing she really lacks is well the fiery temper. No Eyren is the drama queen and I’m well I’m the bubbly one.
Oh I dragged Theii to Victoria Secret in the mall today and totally found a metallic gold bra to add to my collection of loud lingerie. Hmm I was mad cause I couldn’t find any matching panties but maybe I’ll hit up Target or even *shudders* Walmart. I have to match it’s just a rule with me. Oh and I was eyeing those bras that push you up but don’t have any of that embarrassing padding. But I don’t know I tried one one and well my boobs looked realy weird like seriously. I don’t know maybe it was the mirrors, or the lighting but I was not liking the effects. Any other females had this issue? I miss the jell bras personally. You didn’t have to fear they’d pop and start a leak like the water ones. By myself I’m just a 34 C but I wouldn’t mind going to clubs with a set of D’s. Theii calls it shallow, but of course she can say that cause she’s just like 1 cup away from being a D and Eyren well she’s not that much bigger than me but she’s so thin and her tummy is so flat that they look way bigger. So perhaps the key to giving off the allusion of having a bigger set is not in the boobs but in the flatness of your stomach? To bad I’m to well lazy to work on flattening my stomach mind you I’ve yet to put on a pair of pants and get that infamous “muffin top” but still it wouldn’t hurt to get a head start on the aging process right?
Oh and yes my original reason for writing in this journal was to actually talk about the Indian Cultural club that I checked out tonight. It’s basically a club that seeks to bring together other Indian students, and talk about that country, its cultures etc. there were a grand total of 20 students in attendance and it was pretty cool. Tonight we discussed the Indian theory of reincarnation and the sacred iconology of the cow and why it is India’s sacred animal. It was all very interesting and I think I might go back next week. There are actually Native speakers there too but then again India has so many dialects I have no hope of learning my true native tongue.
Afterwords I had 2 hours of cuddle/study time with Damien. I wanted to try an experiment with him. So I was all, hey let’s try kissing and studying at the same time. So what we did was we locked lips and couldn’t separate till we’d read a page. It was very sexy and I actually think I remember something about the proper formula for interest rates. If you haven’t tried this method of study with your honey you should. You’d like it .. I know you would. *winks*
For my public question I want to ask if any of you ladies own those vibrating panties, and for the guys if you’ve ever thought or actually gotten your honey a pair. :d I really wanna know so drop a note, anonymously if you prefer it.

Hugs to all!

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Ok so I’m going to get this first post out of the way to like keep the two monsters happy and to like show them that I can so keep up with this little thingy. But right now I’m seriously trashed and I’ve got a quiz in financials in like 5 hours so thank you very much miss Eyren. Anyhow I’m like totally done now and am like going to just say goodnight and maybe I’ll like feel like writing more later on today when I have my contacts in and I’m not like squinting at the screen. Oh and just so yall know Damien is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I love, love, love him, nuff said. Haha I know Eyren is totally going to cringe when she reads this and Theii is going to sigh but they just don’t get it. Guys that can rock out motorcycles always get me hot and bothered but when they are Italian to boot with gorgey green eyes, and supremely awesome black hair, and a goatee to boot. No sir don’t even try to talk sense around me. Plus his kisses are like the best thing ever invented … oh the things that have begun with just one kiss from him. But ahem … that will be another like post for another time. Hugs and Kisses to all Ash

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